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Classic Lawn Jocks

Our Classic Lawn Jock Collection blends the simple, stately black silhouette of the racing jockey icon into any decor. Perfectly balanced in line and form, the Lawn Jockey is a timeless work of metal art sculpture for you and your guests to admire on your stoop for decades!

Our Classic Lawn Jocks are available painted Black like "solid iron" or faux-finished Antique like "corroded copper". Many of the original Lawn Jocks from the 19th century were forged from iron or other corrosive metal, and were left to "age gracefully" or were repainted black over the years. Our Classic Lawn Jock Collection revives this metalworking tradition except by duplicating the original sculpture in more practical Aluminum metal, then "painting on" the classic look and simulated corrosion.

Black is a popular color for statuary because it is basically maintenance-free.

Our Antique version is basic black enhanced by adding a green patina to simulate a decades-old weathered finish. The patina also makes the detail in the metalwork show up very nicely.

A ring is included for the Classic Jock's hand, but these Jocks also work well with our optional oil and solar lanterns(lantern sold separately- CLICK HERE for more information).

Classic Lawn Jock Collection


front Black lawn jock jockey antique lawn jockey  lwn jckey lon jocie law jock

Black Lawn Jock #7684

CLICK HERE or on photo for more details

front Antique lawn jock  Custom and unique lawn jockey statues. statuary garden art

Antique Lawn Jock #7685

CLICK HERE or on photo for more details