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Traditional Red Lawn Jock

Make every day like Kentucky Derby Day with a well-dressed, real metal jockey sculpture on your lawn. It's our #1 best seller- the most famous yard sculpture ever designed- a faithful rendition of traditional American Folk Art. When yard art connesseurs think of a Lawn Jockey, most will think of a red-vested statue like this one. With crisp, clean lines and contrasting colors, the Traditional Red-vested Lawn Jock really stands out!

The Lawn Jockey statue is a great collectible and gift for the horse racing team, stable, owner, rider, and fan. Our Red Lawn Jock replicates the horse racing jockey's uniform from black boots to white pants to red racing silk to colorful cap. The top of the pedestal he stands on is painted green like he's standing on the "lawn". He's a friendly-looking Jock too, ready to stand on your stoop and greet family and visitors rain or shine.

The Red-vested Lawn Jock works with any indoor/outdoor decor. If every house on your block looks exactly the same, guests will have no trouble finding your house with a Traditional Red Lawn Jock standing out on the stoop.

The Traditional Red Lawn Jock is virtually maintenance-free and ages gracefully. Just like other yard artwork, just hose him down when you're watering the flowers or set the spinkler to hit him every now and then and he'll look great for years.

The Traditional Red Lawn Jock is fully-painted with red, white, almond, brown, green, gray, and black oil-based enamels- the same kind of paint used on farm machinery and little red wagons that are used a lot and face the elements. Paint is chip, fade, and UV resistant and will last for many years. The statue itself is made of non-rusting Aluminum so it too will last for generations.

A ring is included for the Red Jock's hand, but these Jocks also work well with our optional oil and solar lanterns(lantern sold separately- CLICK HERE for more information).

View of Traditional Red Lawn Jock


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horse racing jockey statue horse jockey red lawn jockey for sale

CLICK HERE to view Lawn Jockey dimensions

Traditional Red-Vested Lawn Jockey Statue #7686

Wrought Aluminium Lawn Jockey Statue on pedestal.

Jock is primed with standard automotive primer and then painted with 2 coats of standard oil-base enamel paint in the following color scheme as shown above:

  • Gloss Hunter Green: Top of base
  • Gloss Leather Brown: Hair, eyebrows, and top of boots
  • Gloss Almond: Face and hands
  • Gloss Smoke Gray: Sleeves
  • Gloss White: Pants
  • Gloss Safety Red: Vest and top of cap
  • Gloss Black: Cap brim, eyeballs, cuffs, bottom of boots and bottom of base.

  • Includes removable ring for hand and repainting instructions for future reference.

    $700 with FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED(to continental U.S. only).
    CLICK HERE for international and Hawaii shipping.

    Aluminum doesn't rust, and is lightweight. Unit is hollow.

    DIMENSIONS: approx. 46" tall including pedestal base. Pedestal base is 13" x 13" x 7". Shipping wt. 60 lbs.

    Arrives fully assembled in a cardboard box by FedEx Ground.

    Approx. time from order placement to delivery: 1 week.

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