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Black Solar Lantern #7693

The Statue of Liberty may hold the torch of freedom, but your Lawn Jock can hold the torch... of your imagination! Want an easy to use "set it and forget it" light for your Jock? Then this completely automatic user-friendly solar lantern should fit the bill. No muss, no fuss, no complicated instructions, no bulb changing, no switch fiddling, no programming, no wiring... just pull the lantern out of the box, pull the battery tab out, and hang it on your Lawn Jock. The lantern will automatically light up at night, then it turns itself off and charges during the day.

This is our most popular lawn jockey lantern. With it's unique yellow flickering flame LED configuration, it looks just like an old victorian-era gaslight or oil lantern when lit up at night! These units are made of durable plastic construction and are available in a flat black(#7693) color.

lawn jockey lantern
Click on photo for larger view

Our solar lantern #7693 is a classic-style Lawn Jockey lantern with curved handles framing a clear plastic globe. Hidden inside are (30) "lifetime" 100000-hour randomly blinking LED lights that never need changing and are permanently installed. The light from the LEDs are amplified by a mirror hidden behind a cylindrical diffuser. The net effect is that the light is a warm flickering "glow" similar to that of a candle. LEDs are powered from batteries that store energy from 2 solar cells on top and side. The solar cell absorbs energy from the sun during the day and stores it in 2 standard 1.2v AA rechargeable batteries in a battery compartment under the lantern's base. There is a photo sensor that automatically turns the LEDs off when the sun is out. Nothing could be simpler: The lantern has 1 mode that is activated when the batteries are installed. There is no on/off switch.

YELLOW FLICKER MODE: Random LEDs flicker on and off for "fire" effect.

Lantern is weatherproof, and comes with a cloudy plastic lampshade "globe" diffuser for 360-degree illumination. A discreet solar panel is fitted into the top of the fixture. A second solar panel is located on the side of the unit, and can be hidden by turning around the unit. This lantern also has a built-in light sensor to automatically turn itself off during the day so the batteries can recharge. Like our Lawn Jocks, this solar lantern is basically maintenance-free, ages gracefully, and blends in to wherever you set it.

lawn jockey lantern lawn jockey lantern
Click on photo for larger view

HOW BRIGHT IS IT? Above on the left is a non-flash photo of a Lawn Jock holding the solar lantern at night in a typical scene with ambient light nearby. On the right is what the lantern looks like in complete darkness.

Note that the lantern is not bright like a spotlight or light bulb to burn your eyeballs looking at it. The flickering light emitted is similar to other solar lights in that it has more of a "glow" than a bright light, with just enough light to splash on the Jock and a few feet around. The intermittant yellow "flame" grabs attention and creates a nice nighttime effect.

concrete jockey boy lantern

iron jocko jockey lantern
Click on photo for larger view

DOES THE LANTERN FIT OTHER JOCKEYS? Included with the lantern is a special triangle-shaped "ring handle" that hangs from an existing ring. The lantern size best matches the standard 4 foot tall horse racing lawn jockeys- aluminum like ours, concrete and iron. It is out of scale but works OK on the old 2 foot iron "jocko style" lawn jockeys with pedestals, but on short iron "jockos" without pedestals and the newer concrete "jockos" the lantern almost touches the ground. This can be remedied by elevating the statue by setting it on a concrete paver or block.


- Color: Black. Plastic construction.
- Includes 2 wire handles. One galvanized steel wire handle for bending through hole in Jock's hand and attaching to holes in side of unit(pliers needed- instructions included). Also includes wire handle to hand on an existing ring.
- Up to 2-8 hours illumination at night.
- 1 yellow flicker mode.
- 30 LED bulbs installed.
- Light brightness enhanced by built-in mirror.
- Light output approx. 2 Watts (max.) for accent light use.
- Lifetime of LED light bulbs is over 100,000 hours(never need changing).
- High quality discreet solar panel on top and side.
- Includes (2) AA NiMH rechargeable batteries already installed.
- NiMH batteries needs replacing after about 1-2 years of continuous use.
- For special occasions requiring the lantern to stay on longer than 8 hours(or when there's no sun), lantern can be lit up using standard AA alkaline batteries. - Built-in photocell for automatic turn off during daylight hours and turn on at night.
- Weatherproof all plastic construction with plastic lampshade diffuser.
- Approximately 7" high (excluding handle) and approximately 4" diameter at the base. Weight 9 oz.

lawn jockey lantern
Click on photo for larger view


- Full instructions included with unit.
- We ship these lanterns ready to go: no fiddling with settings or assembly.
- Just pull the lantern out of the box, pull out the battery tab, and bend the wire handle to through Jock's hand to hang it.
- It comes charged, and will charge up again on the next daylight, then automatically turn itself on the following night.
- Maintenance:
1. Just wipe off solar cell on top of unit if it gets too dirty.
2. After about 2-3 years, the 2 rechargeable AA 1.2v NiMH batteries will probably gradually wear out and can be replaced. Just replace with new set from any Walmart or corner drugstore.

lawn jockey lantern
Click on photo for larger view

View of Black Solar Lantern #7693


 antique  lawn jockey photo side jockey silkx racing jockey silkxs racing jockey silksx racing jockey silkz racing jockey silkzs racing jockey silksz acing jockey silks rracing jockey silks rcing jockey  antique  lawn jock

front antque lawn jock  antique  lawn jockey photo

Lawn Jockey Solar Lantern #7693

Black plastic solar-powered Lawn Jockey lantern.

Automatic photo-cell controlled dusk-to-dawn operation. Includes 2 NiMH AA rechargeable batteries and 30 LED bulbs installed.

Wire handle included hang lantern from hole in Lawn Jock's hand. Comes with operating instructions.

$75 with FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED(to U.S. only).

DIMENSIONS: approx. 7" tall excluding wire handle.
Shipping wt. 2 lbs. Arrives fully assembled and ready-to-use in a cardboard box by UPS. Just pull out of box and attach to Jock. Approx. time from order placement to delivery: 1 week.

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