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lawn jockey statue signs and plaques

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Lawn Jockey Signs

Like the song says, "Signs Signs, Everywhere a Sign!" Lawn jockey signs have been around as long as the traditional figure itself. Originally used at the race track on custom statues to advertise recent winners, jockey signs have also been used to promote sales at hotels, restaurants, and other businesses which used the jock as a trade figure. More recently, jockey signs have also been used as address markers and family name markers at residences.

jockeys at the track

Jockey signs are easy to install on existing jocks, and can be shipped already installed on new jocks. All jockey signs have been designed to be as durable and long-lasting as the statues themselves. Order your custom lawn jockey sign today through our convenient online order process!

We offer 2 types of signs: hand sign(1 line, up to 4 characters) and base sign(1 or 2 lines, up to 15 characters per line).

lawn jockey plaque
Click on photo for larger view

Signs can be ordered separately from the jockeys and can also be used as custom signs for other purposes.

Signs ordered separately from jocks come complete with installation kits and/or detailed instructions for easy DIY installation in minutes. Sign Collection


jockey sign holder

Hand Sign #7846

CLICK HERE or on photo for more details

front lawn jockey base plaque

1-line Base Sign #7842
2-line Base Sign #7844

CLICK HERE or on photo for more details