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lawn jockey custom engraved plaque

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Lawn Jockey statue Lantern

Lawn Jockey statue hand sign

jockey base sign ideas

Lawn Jockey Base Signs

Personalize your historic Lawn Jockey statue with a custom plaque on the front of the base- engraved in the traditional 19th century style. Common uses for these signs include family last name identification, "naming of the jockey", address markers, stable names, and business advertising.

A plaque engraved in durable, sunlight resistant plastic lasts 10x longer than a painted sign, and is easier to read and more professional looking

jockey base sign

Jockey artists in the past hand-painted messages on the base- usually the name of the racing stable or jockey. Unfortunately, at just a few inches off the ground, wind "sandblasts" the low area of the statue with dirt, then dogs, gardening tools and shoes hit it- resulting in paint losses and deterioration much faster than the rest of the statue.

lawn jockey sign example

19th century signs for a 19th century statue

A sign is pretty easy to make these days with a computer by either "printing" it or engraving it with a computer controlled router. As a matter of fact, the signs made today are perfect... too perfect to match a hand-crafted sculpture. Just like a modern license plate detracts from the look of an antique car, a modern sign detracts from the look of the traditional jockey figure.

Think typewriter age, not computer age...
for that "old school" look you won't find
anywhere else... except LAWNJOCK.COM!

Before computers there were typewriters, and in the sign shop was the pantograph. The pantograph engraves signs by hand-tracing brass stencils with a stylus. The stencils feature the basic "engravers" font used on almost all engraved signs made before computers were invented. The pantograph font is timeless, simple and easy to read, but nearly impossible to duplicate with modern technology: o's and zeros, i's and ones, 6's and 9's are interchangeable. All lettering is white in upper case on a black background. Like a typewriter, each letter is equally spaced- There is no character "kerning" where one letter moves into another letters space like in computer-generated text. salvaged a 1940's era pantograph from the main Midland, TX hospital print shop where it was used for making signs, doctor's nametags, awards, and other custom engravings. Well maintained by the hospital engineering staff for decades, this antique pantograph only needed some minor adjustments to "come back to life" after years of collecting dust in a storeroom.

lawn jockey plaque
Click on photo for larger view

Every plaque is cut to size, edges beveled, and engraved by heavy duty cast iron tools just like it would have been made in the 19th century.


lawn jockey BASE PLAQUE

NEW JOCKS: If you order a base sign the same day as a new stock or custom lawn jock, we will bolt the sign on using 4 bolts in the traditional fashion as shown above.

EXISTING JOCKS: Base signs can also be installed with silicone caulk in about 5 minutes on almost all existing metal jockey statues manufactured within the last century. If you have an existing jockey, make sure the area on the base front is at least 5 1/2" high by 12" wide for a good fit. All custom engraving is done "in house" for fast turnaround: time from order placement to delivery is about a week(shipped by USPS).

lawn jockey sign installation
Click on photo for larger view

When ordering a lawn jockey base sign by itself, we ship the installation kit shown above with step-by-step instructions.

LAWNJOCK.COM 1-line Base Sign #7842

LAWNJOCK.COM 2-line Base Sign #7844

Black custom engraved plastic sign with white lettering and beveled edges.

Includes installation kit with instructions(when ordered without jockey) or is installed with bolts when ordered the same day as a custom or stock jockey.

1-line Base Sign #7842: $50 with FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED(to continental U.S. only).

2-line Base Sign #7844: $60 with FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED(to continental U.S. only).

Black plastic sign has beveled white edges, and is durable and UV resistant.

Message engraved in white in standard font on a black background. Upper case only.

Up to 2 lines per sign, 15 characters(letters, spaces, punctuation) per line

DIMENSIONS: 5 1/2" H x 12" L. Shipping wt. 1 lb.

Approx. time from order placement to delivery: 1 week.

Shipping is by USPS for DIY installation signs, FedEx Ground for shipping with new jock.

If ordering more than 1 different sign message, please place SEPARATE ORDERS for each.


1-line Base Sign #7842, Total price: $50. Shipping: FREE.

2-line Base Sign #7844: Total price: $60. Shipping: FREE.

All major credit cards accepted.


1. If ordering a NEW STOCK OR CUSTOM JOCKEY you would like us to bolt this sign on, go ahead and make that selection first and "add to cart" using the red checkout buttons, then continue with ordering process below.

NOTE: You can also make a second order for adding the sign separately- if you order the jock the same day we will automatically bolt that sign to the jock you just ordered.

2. If ordering sign to be installed on an EXISTING JOCK, continue with ordering process below(installation kit with instructions will be included).

3. Select "ORDER NOW" for either a 1-line(#7842) or 2-line(#7844) base sign below. A form will pop up(if you have trouble, try turning off your popup blocker).
On the form - fill in:
then click SUBMIT FORM.

3. A payment gateway form will come up. Click on the "Add to cart" button.
The payment gateway will send you to our credit card processing site, where you will enter your credit card and shipping info.

You can order multiple copies of the same base sign by adjusting the quantity in the shopping cart(default quantity = 1)

1. RIGHT AWAY: Email receipt for your credit card payment confirming that your order has been placed.
2. WHEN "SIGN" OR "SIGN + JOCK" SHIPS: Email shipping notification(plus tracking # if shipped with jock).

1-line Base Sign #7842: $50 with FREE SHIPPING!

2-line Base Sign #7844: $60 with FREE SHIPPING!

CLICK HERE for In Stone Terms and Conditions.