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custom painted lawn jocky statue

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Lawn Jockey statue Lantern

Lawn Jockey statue hand sign

Lawn Jockey statue base sign

Lawn Jockey parade

jockey business housewarming birthday gift lawn jockey horse racing horce lwn jckey lon jocie law jock

"Send Us a Picture" Jock

Make a Lawn Jock your own! They say a picture speaks a 1000 words, so just send us a picture of your favorite jockey decked out in his racing duds and we will send you a quote to make a statue of him! Use our convenient online form to send us any picture file(jpg, gif, etc.) directly from your computer.

Stripes and solids, checkerboard and diamond patterns, logos... we can reproduce just about any graphics and paint them on a custom Lawn Jock made especially for you. "Send Us a Picture" Jocks make great gifts for horse racing owners, riders, and fans!

Like a fireplace mantel in the living room, the Jockey statue is the focal point on your stoop. Why settle for wrong and sloppy... when you can get correct and professional quality!

The system:

1. Quality: We start with the best, longest lasting material to paint on- cast aluminum, and use only the highest quality name-brand paints. 2 coats of paint are applied for that "high gloss" shine.

2. Attention to Detail: All colors and graphics specified in detailed proposal prior to order. No "Lump Sum" quotes.

3. Accuracy: Graphics applied using computer stencils, not drawn by hand.

4. Artistry: We show you the "close-ups" - notice the excellent color contrast and exquisite sharpness of the star and stripe details:

Instead of buying an unfinished Jock and doing it yourself, save time and money by letting our expert Lawn Jockey painters do the hard work for you! Personalized "Send Us a Picture" Jock orders take about 4 weeks to process from order placement to delivery. For less complicated jobs, CLICK HERE to check out our SEMI-CUSTOM Lawn Jockey painting service.


STEP 1- Use the form below to email us a written description and/or upload photo(s) of how you want your Jock to look like. If you have trouble with the form, CLICK HERE to contact us.

STEP 2- Within 2 business days, we will email you a proposal based on your specifications similar to the one at the link below:

CLICK HERE to see a sample proposal.

If you decide to place the order as proposed, we will send you an email payment receipt to confirm your purchase right away, and then email you a notice with tracking info when it ships in about 3 weeks.

The Paint by Number Jock is fully-painted with oil-based enamels- the same kind of paint used on farm machinery and little red wagons that are used a lot and face the elements. Paint is chip, fade, and UV resistant and will last for many years. The statue itself is made of non-rusting Aluminum so it too will last for generations.

A ring is included for the Paint by Number Jock's hand, but these Jocks also work well with our optional oil and solar lanterns(lantern sold separately- CLICK HERE for more information).

View of sample "Send Us a Picture" Jock

Original picture:


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click here to go to custom jockey photo gallery

CLICK HERE to view Lawn Jockey dimensions

"Send Us a Picture" Lawn Jockey Statue #7696

Wrought Aluminium Lawn Jockey Statue on pedestal.

Jock is primed with standard automotive primer and then painted with 2 coats of standard gloss oil-base enamel paint in the color scheme based on the picture/description(s) you send us.

Includes repainting instructions for future reference.

SPECIAL ORDER priced as quoted with FREE SHIPPING(to continental U.S. only).
CLICK HERE for international and Hawaii shipping.

Aluminum doesn't rust, and is lightweight. Unit is hollow.

DIMENSIONS: approx. 46" tall including pedestal base. Pedestal base is 13" x 13" x 7". Shipping wt. 60 lbs.

Arrives fully assembled in a cardboard box by FedEx Ground.

Approx. time from order placement to delivery: 4 weeks.

CLICK HERE for In Stone Terms and Conditions.