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lawn jockey custom address sign

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Lawn Jockey statue Lantern

Lawn Jockey statue base sign

Lawn Jockey parade

Lawn Jockey Hand Signs

Our hand crafted jockey hand signs are designed to turn your jock greeter into a high end "address sign" for your stoop or lawn. The biggest problem with jockey hand signs is making them "look right" in a small scale AND send a message. Unfortunately, the jockey is barely 3 feet tall with a 2" wide fist, so just about any sign looks like a billboard next to him.

lawn jockey hand sign example

Oval hand sign with border artistically mimics a hitching ring and the curve of the jockeys cap

Our oval signs are made of lightweight aluminum to also match the statue(and never rust). Each custom sign is individually hand forged and painted using the same high quality rustoleum brand paint as our famous lawn jocks. The colors match our "paint by number" semi-custom jocks.

iron jockey nameplate
Click on photo for larger view
Hand sign only - jockey not included

Each hand sign is a custom casting- allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

The size of the oval jockey hand sign is 4 1/2" wide x 3" high x 1/4" thick. There is room for up to 4 characters(letters, numbers and spaces). Font is as shown - no custom fonts are available. LETTERS AND NUMBERS ONLY - NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS LIKE "#?":$@&*!". The handle is galvanized steel and is mechanically attached to the sign with 2 bolts. The silver number and border paint is designed to match the sign handle, and the primary color of the sign should match the primary color of the jockey.

lawn jockey sign contrast


All of these darker rustoleum colors that are used on our stock jocks will work as a primary color for the hand sign. Another option for custom jockey orders is to use the custom paint specified for the jockey as the primary color for the sign.

#1 Deere Green #2 Hunter Green #3 Safety Red #4 Regal Red #5
Royal Blue
#6 Navy Blue #7 Black #8 Leather Brown


lawn jockey fist PLAQUE

NEW JOCKS: If you order a hand sign the same day as a new CUSTOM lawn jock, we will attach the sign as shown above and ship it with the jock.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Since these hand signs are individually forged and custom painted, time from order placement to delivery is about 3 weeks, so if ordered with a STOCK jock, we will ship the jock right away and the sign later when completed.

EXISTING JOCKS: Hand signs can also be installed on almost all existing metal and some concrete jockey statues manufactured within the last century. If you have an existing jockey, make sure the hand hole will allow a sign like this to hang properly. The hand hole on metal jocks can usually be modified with a drill to "make it fit".

LAWNJOCK.COM Custom Hand Sign #7846

Oval aluminum sign with silver colored lettering and border, with wire handle for threading through jockey hand hole. Wire handle attached to sign with bolts.

Hand Sign #7846: $80 with FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED(to continental U.S. only).

Surdy, rust-free aluminum construction.

Custom casting with message raised inside raised oval border.

Font is as shown - no custom fonts are available.

1 line per sign, 4 characters(letters AND spaces) per line. NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS LIKE "#?":$@&*!".

DIMENSIONS: 4 1/2" W x 3" H x 1/4" D. Shipping wt. 3 lb.

Approx. time from order placement to delivery: 3 weeks.

Shipping is by USPS for EXISTING and STOCK jocks(SIGN DELIVERY WILL BE ABOUT 2 WEEKS LATER THAN JOCKEY DELIVERY), FedEx Ground for shipping with new CUSTOM jocks.

If ordering more than 1 different sign message, please place SEPARATE ORDERS for each.


Hand Sign #7846, Total price: $80. Shipping: FREE.

lawn jockey sign for hand


MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and paypal accepted.


1. If ordering a CUSTOM JOCKEY, let us know in advance and we can add it to your order page.

NOTE: You can also order the sign separately, and with a primary color to match your custom jockey.

2. If ordering sign to be installed on an EXISTING OR NEW STOCK JOCK, continue with ordering process below.

In the order form below, pick the primary color from the dropdown box and type in the 4 letters/numbers you want on the hand sign, then click "BUY NOW" to order. A shopping bag will appear on the bottom right of your screen. You can checkout by clicking the shopping bag , or add other items then click the shopping bag when your order is complete. To delete items from shopping bag, click the shopping bag and then click the X in the upper right corner of item image you wish to delete

Alternate EXPRESS checkout

If you are having problems with the shopping cart or are just ordering this one item, you can use the express checkout below:

Select "ORDER NOW" below. A form will pop up(if you have trouble, try turning off your popup blocker).
On the form - fill in:
MESSAGE(4 characters maximum)
PRIMARY COLOR(This will be the color of the sign- the border and lettering will be silver)
then click SUBMIT FORM.

3. A payment gateway form will come up. Click on the "BUY NOW" button.
The payment gateway will send you to our credit card processing site, where you will enter your credit card and shipping info.

Payment accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express accepted.

You can order multiple copies of the exact same hand sign by adjusting the quantity in the shopping cart(default quantity = 1)

1. RIGHT AWAY: Email receipt for your credit card payment confirming that your order has been placed.
2. WHEN "SIGN" OR "SIGN + JOCK" SHIPS: Email shipping notification(plus tracking # if shipped with jock).

Hand Sign #7846: $80 with FREE SHIPPING!

CLICK HERE for In Stone Terms and Conditions.